July 24, 2008

Watermelon Flavoured Kit-Kat

Verdict: Surprisingly good


July 6, 2008

Oh the humidity!

July is here and the air is full of moisture and horrible biting insects. Other than that, not much of note happening really. Mindbendingly slow week at work, but went to a welcoming party on Friday.

Went walking round Osu Kannon (a lively shopping district-type part of Nagoya) with a friend yesterday. We found a tattoo parlor named, I kid you not, "Boobies". The mind boggles. Despite the name, they showed no evidence of any kind of specialization in mammarian tattooing. Why not visit their website? (beware, crappy flash intro)

The government has evidently started a campaign to promote rice as a breakfast food, as a bowl of rice in the morning is said to improve energy levels and concentration throughout the day. I can't decide if their campaign is cute and funny, or just scary. Either way there's more wackiness to be had on the Ministry of Agriculture's website (and you can view the TV spots here).


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