April 25, 2007

New term

Oops, looks like I haven't written anything since term started some 3 weeks ago...sorry...

Anyway I am pleased to report that I am enjoying this term a lot more so far. There's a general feeling of having overcome a slump. I really like my new class and my new teachers...I like the stuff we're covering and the practice we're doing...I'm generally feeling more confident in day-to-day conversation...things in the class are generally feeling a lot more at my level than the last two terms, both of which felt like a bit of a baptism by fire.

Therefore, I am thinking about extending my time here by another 3 months (i.e. until end of Sept/start of Oct.). This should (fingers crossed) put me in good stead to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level 2 (there are 4 levels, 1 being the hardest) in December, which should (fingers crossed) increase my employability somewhat. Chi-ching!!

This will, sadly, mean enduring another Japanese summer. I'm sure I can already feel the humidity levels rising...

We have a test on Monday, after which I am thinking of going to Nagoya to see some music. The ever-interesting Tokuzo is hosting Overhang Party, whom I'm rather partial to, as well as Oshiripenpenz (the name roughly translates as, erm, "botty spank-spank", no I'm not kidding), who are certainly an, erm, "interesting" live act, as can be seen from this video.


April 6, 2007


So Kyoto was very nice. My legs sure do ache today though (god only knows how far I actually walked). I started by going to Higashiyama (east of Kyoto Station; there was an international centre there that I wanted to check for jobs), walked the nearby Path of Philosophy north to Ginkakuji (not to be confused with Kinkakuji) then took the bus west to Kinkakuji (not to be confused with Kinkakuji...wait I mean Ginkakuji), then finished up walking around and shopping in Teramachi. Then back on the shinkansen (a.k.a. bullet train. Thanks to Willem for the ticket). God I love the shinkansen. Shame it's so expensive...

Anyway, very nice day all in all. Crowds weren't too overwhelming. Felt a bit lonely perhaps walking around all day on my own.

You can see my photos here.

昨日の京都の日帰りは楽しかったよ~♪。 だって、今日体がちょっと疲れてきたもん。。。大変いっぱい歩いた! 脚が痛いぃ。。。

国際交流協会で仕事を探したかったので、まず地下鉄で東山へ行ったことにしました。 近いの寺を見に行って、哲学道を散歩して銀閣寺に行った。 その後、バスで金閣寺に行った。 最後寺町に買い物に行って、駅に行って新幹線で名古屋に帰った。

人がちょっといっぱいだったが、たいしたものじゃなかった。 でも、終日ひとりで過ごしたのは寂しかったものだ :(

写真がコチラで集まった。 うわ~、桜がきれいだね。。。


April 4, 2007

春休み (継続)

For numerous reasons (weather, inability to sleep etc.) I've postponed my little trip to Kyoto until Thursday...

京都の日帰りを木曜に繰り下げた。 あまり急いでいない、上に天気用法によると木曜はれそうだ (・∀・)

今は日本語の勉強についてどうすればいいかと考えているところだ。 まだ日本語を学びたいけど、学校の授業中、頭がいっぱいし心身がボーっとしているそうな感じがよくしている。 集中講義の学生としてちょっとうんさりしていると思う。 それに、僕は一年間せっかく勉強していたのに日本語能力はまあまあだし(例えば、このポストに間違ったところが多いかも)、忘れてしまうことも多いし、辞書によく頼るので、私がまず日本語を身に付けないとよく感じている。。。

最近、理想的に日本で働いてプライベット授業なんてしたほうがいいという気がしていた。 だから、勉強について考えながら日本の仕事を探していたけど、まだラッキーじゃなかった。 僕にとって、仕事を探すのはなんとなく自信をなせるようなものだ :(

もし仕事を見つければ、日本で住んでいるところを探すのは悩むものだ。 イギリスでもアパートを探すの経験が少ないし、日本語あまり話せて読めるのでどうすればいいか気にしている。 では、その時が来るまで悩まないようにしていたほうがいいんじゃん。。。

僕ってさ、抱擁をちょっと欠いているかも (^_^;)。 じゃ、京都で楽しむようにしている! でも人が多いすぎなければいいんだけどね。。。


April 1, 2007

Spring break / 春休み

Apologies for the umpteenth time for not writing in so long.

So term is over and I am halfway through my 2-week spring break...have so far spent it catching up on sleep, seeing friends, playing video games, job hunting, and most importantly not studying.

Tomorrow will be a year to the day since I came here. On most blogs this would lead to some kind of wanky, heartfelt retrospective screed on the time spent here so far and what it's meant to me, but...nah. Can't be arsed I'm afraid, I'm gonna go back to playing Grand Theft Auto instead.

Also tomorrow I am going on a day-trip to Kyoto (a friend of mine gave me a one-way bullet-train ticket he became unable to use). Weather forecast is good, the sakura (cherry blossom) is starting to bloom...if it's not too crowded (Kyoto is notoriously popular in sakura season, hence why I am going on a weekday) it should be a peachy day all round. Kind of sucks that I'm going on my own, but meh. Expect photographs!

There is a series of truly bizarre and sometimes quite disturbing anti-smoking posters that can be found on trains and in stations here. I personally think they are absolutely fantastic and am quite tempted to steal them whenever I see them. Luckily the organization that produces them has put them all online for your (or at least my) viewing pleasure. Let me know your favorite!



学期が終わって春休みが半分過ごした。 風邪が引いたり、頭が疲れてきたりしたので、のんびりに時間を過ごすようにしていた。 フ~ン、いいんじゃん!

あしたは日本へ来たから一年間が過ごしたところです。 あっという間にほど早く感じる。。。

そして、明日京都に日帰り旅行しようとおもっている。 ワクワク~♪



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