May 22, 2007



May 15, 2007

Word o' the Day

ノミュニケーション (Nommunication)

A juxtaposition of "communication" and the Japanese verb nomu (to drink). Alcohol-fueled conversation. Kampai! (* ^^)ノΨ


May 12, 2007

五月病 (>_<)

今までの今週、軽症のいわゆる五月病にかかるような感じがしていた。 私の日本語は普段すごくヘタだけど、今週ってさらに! 普段より基本的なことにつまずいていたし、何度も繰り返したことを覚えられていなかったし、考えられていなかったし。。。このポーストは間違ったところがいっぱいあるに違いない! でもこの悩みに対して、連絡したいと思う。。。

学校は大体うまく行っている。 ふ~ん。。。面白くて書きたいことがあまりないな。。。勉強勉強勉強。。。明日は友達の誕生日パーティーに参加する予定がある。。。来週は特になんでもないと思う。。。

先々週、名古屋にライブ音楽を見に行った。 見たバンドは、ジャグズ(知らなかった)、オシリペンペンズ(かっこいい名!)とOverhang Partyだった。 オシリペンペンス(写真)ってメチャ面白かった。 Overhang Partyもよかったけど。。。実は期待より面白くない。 悪いわけではないだが。。。僕にとって、彼らの古い曲のほうが面白いと思う (彼らの1994の”2”というアルバム、大好き!)。 しかも他のバンドより、音がすごく大きかった! 耳がいまだに痛い!

最近、のんびりしながら漫画を読んでいることがあった。 最高のは「ハトのおよめさん」。。。「ハトビーム」がすごく役立ちそう! うるせえ! ギャァァー! (など)


May 11, 2007


Er, yes. Thought I'd better write something. So, how are you? Good, good.

Yet again, not a great deal to report. Just the usual everyday life type-stuff. Weather is very changeable right now, just like last year. One day it's like summer, the next wind and rain.

Seem to be reading a lot of manga, mostly thanks to the lovely Ohya-sensei, who keeps lending me stuff, but also thanks to the nearby Book-Off (a second-hand book store, not an exclamation). Recent titles have included Blackjack ni Yoroshiku (gritty medical drama), (comedy about pigeons) and Hato no Oyome-san and Oshare Techou (left; a slightly rude comedy about a virginal schoolgirl. Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!).

I seem to be suffering from gogatsubyou (lit. May sickness), a kind of lethargy brought about by both a change in the season and the fact that May is the month after April, the month in which the school and fiscal years start with aplomb (hence leading to waning enthusiasm). At least, it's my excuse for being dumb. All week I've been forgetting stuff left and right, been unable to think, been tripping up often on really simple stuff etc etc. I was gonna write a Japanese entry but I really don't think my brain is up to it right now (or, to be more honest, it would be so full of mistakes it would be embarrassing to publish). Even English is posing a problem, to be honest.

My classmate Kaku-san is slowly becoming something of a celebrity around school, thanks to Youtube. Her kung-fu demonstrations are the stuff of martial arts legend. View her antics here.

Other than that, about the most exciting thing I can think of to write about right now pertains to a car that pulled up in the parking lot outside my apartment. The owner of said vehicle had for some reason seen fit to fit out the interior with blue neon lights that reacted to the bass frequencies of the car stereo, flashing on and off in time with the music. It kind of looked like someone was being electrocuted in the back seat. Chav-tacular.


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