April 13, 2006


Excuse the lack of updates, but not much has been happening really. Have been going to school, going shopping, and studying, and that's about it really. Today we went on a little class walkabout and went around the town saying "that is a post office", "this is a bento shop", and so on and so forth, which was fun. Not to sound up my own ass or anything but I must say I have concerns that I've been placed in too low a level - I've covered most of the stuff we've been doing this week already. Although I've been learning some new vocabulary this week, I've been feeling that before I left I was just beginning to get my head around relatively advanced grammatical/sentence structures and that going back to "this is/that is" is a bit of a step backwards. I'm probably just being impatient, it's only the first week after all and, like I say, I've been learning some new stuff.

Went to the 100-yen store again today and found myself laughing at more wonderful "Clickety-click" merchandise. The little monkey dude seems to have the best range of stuff, which is emblazoned with (and I quote) "Named Mink. It likes reading the book of an adventure. It is excited very good." You can view the whole range here but sadly the pics are too small to read the text. You'll notice also that the company that produces this stuff is called "Lube Sheep" (!). I can't help but think that I could make a living buying up a ton of this crap at ¥100 (about 50p) a piece and flogging it over eBay to the sort of people back west who watch too much anime and shop regularly at Jlist.com.

Becoming slightly worried about the finances...hope I can find some kind of work soon. I guess I have enough to live on for a couple of months but now I've settled in a bit I'm going to apply for the school's Work Aid program ASAP. It would be nice to be not living foot-to-mouth and to be able to afford trips back home, trips to Tokyo etc. (~£30 on the shinkansen!). Also, to be honest, now that I've gone through all the trouble of giving up my job, getting out here, getting settled etc etc it would be nice to be able to stay longer than 6 months and learn as much as I can.

That said, this unemployment lark sure does suck...


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