April 27, 2006


The week seems to have gone incredibly quickly, possibly because I keep thinking that it's one day earlier than it actually is (I thought today was Weds, etc). Erm yeah. Uneventful week (thus far) all in all - but at least I have learnt a lesson about the perils of cheap supermarket sake. I discovered that the Seiyu here sells these 1.8ltr boxes of sake for Y500 (about £2.50). Bargtastic! Needless to say I had one glass too many on Tuesday eve and had to struggle through the next day with a slightly foggy head. Ah, drinking alone. It was purely as a study aid, you understand. Wait that doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, the course is hotting up. I was at school today from 9am - 5:30pm and my brain is a little fried. In fact I think I'm only writing this because my brain wants to avoid more study. I am signed up for the Acceleration course, y'see, which essentially appears to be the basic course only with more bits bolted on. In my case, these bits are private lessons (essentially one-on-one conversations, or writing classes, or whatever you want to study, with a teacher), which I think will be incredibly helpful, as I think I need (in particular) all the speaking practice I can get. They started today (I will have 4 a week) and the one I had today helped to highlight the canyon-sized gaps in my knowledge.

It's the aforementioned Golden Week next week and I'm a bit worried as I don't know what I'm gonna do (money is a problem). I don't really fancy hanging around the apartment and studying/job hunting for 5 days solid. We'll see what materialises.

Well must sign off and get some beauty sleep...for some reason I have to have a chest x-ray tomorrow afternoon (apparently all people staying a while in Japan have to have one...do you know why? Answers on a postcard plz) and I want my innards to look their best. Steering clear of the sake might be an idea then.


simon,  April 27, 2006 10:33 PM  

Andy says:
anyway thank you for your pay of attentinon in my blog!!

Your Engrish is coming along nicely.

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