April 5, 2006

Day 3

Sleep cycle still hasn't righted itself. Placement test this morning was interesting - multiple choice "fill in the blank" type questions (entirely in Japanese) that you had to answer as many of as you could, followed by a hiragana and katakana (the Japanese syllabaries) writing test, followed by a brief interview. Certainly got the old grey matter working trying to dredge up half-remembered words and characters.

Slept this afternoon/early evening, did a bit of tidying and shopping. Loneliness, confusion and the overwhelming alienness of my environment is setting in a bit, so I've treated myself to some cheap-ass beer ("Lively and crispy draft") and some pizza, which is (hopefully) currently cooking in my little toaster oven thingy, and will spend the rest of the evening watching bad TV and translating the remote control for my aircon/heating unit.


tom April 06, 2006 6:52 PM  

Crispy draft = designed to be eaten with crisps? Those Japanese are genii!

How'd you think the test went?

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