May 17, 2006

頭が痛い :(

The classes appear to be getting ever more difficult. I am coping but am growing ever more frustrated at being unable to express myself properly. Hopefully I just need to give it time.

Have not quite been sleeping properly recently and at lunchtime today I realised that I was going to need bad, carbohydrate-heavy food if I was going to make it through the afternoon, so I took myself for my first McDonalds since coming here. Thanks to the joys of corporate branding, the Maccy Ds in Japan are much the same as anywhere else in the world, even with the same slogan (except it's usually pronounced "I'm rubbing it!" here, natch). The choice of food and drink is slightly different - for instance they have recently brought out the Ebipuri, which is a kind of filet-o-shrimp. In typically hypocritical fashion, the advertising for the Ebipuri features doe-eyed fashion model Yuri Ebihara - she is slim, gorgeous and has perfect skin and teeth; obviously a great representation of your average McDonalds customer then!! 8-) Of course she could also be construed as a good choice as her surname has "ebi" (shrimp) in it, but still.


Yuka,  May 26, 2006 9:31 AM  


Yeah Japanese people love SHRIMP!! (and also many guys love the other “EBI (chan)” as well. |0|
I think you might see much more nice shrimp burger in the MOS.
It would be definitely delisious and lovely. Have you seen MOS? You should try, trust me.

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