May 5, 2006

Kodomo no Hi (Children's Day)

Hooray for Japan and their crazy public holidays! Today was the last day of the aforementioned Golden Week, and the TV news has been replete with stories of holiday traffic and 100km tailbacks. Weds I had to go to school, Thurs I slept and studied, so today, as the weather was very nice I thought I'd have a walk across town to Okazaki Castle, as I hadn't been there before, and it's about the only place in Okazaki worth visitng...(just kidding, Okazaki, I love you really)

So yeah...had a wander about...very scenic...took some pictures. The place is well-known as the birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu, a 16th-century shogun. Didn't go inside the actual castle building (I think there's a museum in there) as my feet hurt and the walk back home was a good 45 mins-1 hr...but there's always the future. You can see all my photos on my Flickr page.

Anyway, my feet are blistered and I appear to be sunburnt in several places, but regardless I'm off on another day trip tomorrow, to Kyoto...which, naturally, I can ill-afford but it's long been the one place in Japan I've really wanted to see. So no doubt I'll take lots of photos and there will be another lengthy blog update on Sunday...or maybe not, do you people even read this thing any more? Feel free to leave comments and such...


tom May 08, 2006 10:20 PM  

I read it all the time! Except when I am being shot in the head with paintballs.

mark,  May 13, 2006 9:01 PM  

I read it all the time too. Except when i'm shooting Tom in the head with paintballs

Anonymous,  June 02, 2006 7:11 AM  

I do not read it daily, but I do read it once a week or so and catch up all at once. ;) -Jen

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