July 8, 2006


I apologise that the last post wasn't quite in keeping with the sophisticated highbrow travel musings that you've come to expect from this blog...it was 2:30am, I'd had a few cans of "the third beer". Apologies also that I once again haven't been writing much, but life has (once again) been uneventful recently.

Wellll the summer break is just about over...back to work on Monday...I've picked up next term's textbook, it looks scary...imperative and prohibitive forms, interrogative conditional forms, transitive/intransitive verbs, volitional forms...no I don't have much of an idea either, but I'll soon be studying them, and in Japanese no less...

I'm glad to see that we'll be covering a few giongo (onomatopaeic terms) as well. There are hundreds of the buggers in Japanese and to the average westener (well, me at least) they seem completely abstract and arbitrary, but at least they are usually quite cute and funny. For example, cats in Japan don't meow, they say nya-nya; and footsteps make a teku-teku sound. They don't just have words for sounds either - they also use onomatopaeic terms for emotions and states of being: for example peko-peko is the "sound" of being hungry; kyoro-kyoro is to be restless/looking around frantically, and waku-waku is to be excited . As in: "I'm feeling a bit waku-waku". OK maybe not then. Here's a page of them if you're at all interested.

But anyway, I haven't done much with the break, other than sleep, revise and attempt to look for jobs. But it's kinda hard when you can't actually read job adverts, and I haven't really come up with much. So I'm still broke off my ass and at the moment it looks like I'll either follow the stereotypical gaijin route of teaching English, or I'll be working in McDonalds or something. So I know which one I'd rather do. Although, if I worked in Mc D's, maybe I'd get the chance to meet Ebi-chan.......oh, Ebi-chan......*sigh* . Anyway, does any of my faithful readership have any work I can do for them online?? :D :D :D Proofreading, anything? Me is gud at teh english.


tom July 12, 2006 7:40 AM  

I'm beginning to think you should've called your blog "Through The Jap's Eye". This would not only have been an obscure (and therefore cool) reference to Histor's Eye from This Morning With Richard Not Judy, but it also sounds a bit rude!

ajf August 01, 2006 12:08 AM  

This is certainly an interesting idea! However it would not really be in keeping with the family vibe of this site! D minus please try harder and SEE ME after class!

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