June 23, 2006

Last day of term

So that's the end of the first term. Quite sad really. Now I have two weeks with absolutely nothing to do before the next one starts. I'm slightly dreading it to be honest - many people I know (of the ones who are going to be here next term, anyway) are going off travelling here and there, but as I'm broke I can't really do anything much. I intend to pour my efforts into job hunting as of tomorrow.

I got my term-wide results today. Out of a ratings system spanning A+ to D, I got a B overall. I'm slightly baffled as I think I was rated A in everything apart from speaking (which was a B), yet I still end up with a B overall. Hey ho.

So I am sad that my little class is no more. Even so, I'll probably be with most of them next term, but we'll have different teachers and such.

Also I am a bit sad that Japan is out of the world cup...it's quite big here and the fans seem really into it, but that fat git Ronaldo had to go and put two away, and now Brazil will go and win like they always do. Yawn.


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