July 30, 2006


Yep, not much happening really, sorry. Thought I'd better write something though.

I understand Britain is in the midst of a heat-wave? Well we're kind of having one here as well, except it's called "summer". So don't expect any sympathy from me. Plus you don't have the constant chirping of crickets day and night. The average daytime temperature here is about 35°C, but as it's been quite hot generally for several months I think I am a bit more used to it. The humidity hasn't been so bad thus far but we have the whole of August to go yet...

But enough about the weather. Course is going well, new material is interesting, but I don't know how I'll ever get my head around transitive/intransitive verbs. Had a written/listening test last week, speaking test tomorrow, tests tests test(e)s. Still no job but I tend to keep putting it off.

Also I think now that I am going to stay here for another term (i.e. until January) or maybe two (i.e. until April). Hopefully I will be able to come home for Christmas as it would just be too depressing spending it alone in a country that doesn't really celebrate Christmas (apparently Christmas Eve here is a kind of Valentines Day-esque celebration for couples, and then Dec 25th is business as usual- however, the commercial sector still has a large hand in things, it seems).

So what's on the cards for the next week or two? Study and heat, pretty much. Next weekend is the grand Okazaki Fireworks Festival, which I think I'm going to. Okazaki has the country's leading firework industry and the festival is usually attended by about half a million people. Apart from that, there is another string of bank holidays coming up in the middle of August, maybe I'll do something for that.


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