August 21, 2006


It's been a busy couple of days...I have started a little weekend job, teaching English at a teeny-tiny little school in Toyohashi, which is about 30 mins down the train's kind of far (usually takes upwards of an hour in total to get there) and very nerve-racking - I have no confidence or experience in the area of teaching, and although the classes only consist of one or two people, it's still difficult if like me you are kinda quiet and scared of people...still, I think it will be good for me...and, much more importantly, it means... $$$MONEY!!!$$$

So on top of a stressful weekend spent worrying about my job I had a test re-sit today...I have ANOTHER test next Monday as well, so I need to spend pretty much all this week revising. Still, I think we've almost finished the different verb forms, so things might become slightly easier...maybe >_<;;

まだ、豊橋の英語先生の仕事をしています。 週末だけするアルバイトです。 僕、アンディー先生になったー ^_^

仕事は難しくても、面白いです。 私は声がちょっと小さいし、自信がないし、仕事するのはすごいドキドキになる。 でも、新しい人に会ったり、経験を積めたりできます、面白いとおもいます。 それに、お金だぞ!! ¥_¥

しかし、豊橋は少し遠いです。 家から学校まで1時間ぐらいかかります。 まだ、もっと近い仕事をさがしています。



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