October 14, 2006

New term, 1st week

1st week of my new class...one word summary: difficult! I am now officially intermediate (whoopee) which means harder textbooks, fewer handhold-y things like furigana, teachers using more complex language, having to express yourself in a more abstract manner, and so forth. It's all a bit different really...

My class is bigger this time round - 14 people as opposed to last term's 9...also I feel like class dunce as the 9 people in my class who are new arrivals at the school all seem waaaay better than me at everything, which is kind of disheartening, but may be beneficial as I am feeling motivated to study harder so as not to get left behind...we shall see.

So yeah, haven't been up to much else this week really...had a cold...went out a coupla times...having a 3-day weekend for some reason (yay)...it's all good I suppose. Apart from the cold, natch.

新しいクラスが難しいだぜ!! 「ニューアプローチ」という教科書は「みんあの日本語」よりずっとふくざつなんじゃないでしょうか。 ふりがなもないし、たくさん分からない言葉もあるし。。。

それに、新着のクラスメートはすごく上手なようだ!! 私はそれたちに比べて、分かる事が少ないので、頭が少し遅く感じる。。。


Jonathan October 15, 2006 8:42 PM  



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