January 24, 2007


As you might gather from the post infrequency, there's not been too much to report as of late...just lots of study really, as well as occasionally seeing friends and such. This term is going well so far, and feels slightly less daunting than last term. I am studying manga comics in one of my elective classes and have been officially designated an otaku by the teacher of said class...even though she meant it as a kind of perverse compliment (she is one too and we have similar favorites), I don't read that much! Honest!

Still worried about my post-Yamasa future...I keep meaning to update my CV, search for jobs etc., but I haven't had the time...the whole resumé thing seems to be slightly different here. I saw the CV of a Japanese friend of mine the other week (who was in the process of applying to NHK)...she had to pick up a special resumé form (that you can get from any convenience store) and fill it out, by hand, with her academic background, employment history, personal statement and so on and so forth. And one has to do this for every job one applies for, apparently. Personally (mainly because my handwriting is abysmal) I prefer the good old word-processed, couple-of-pages-of-Times-New-Roman, references-that-you-haven't-spoken-with-in-10-years approach. Hey, it's gotten me work in the past...well, occasionally.

Well, better go...I have homework exuding from every orifice like some kind of homework-ridden Edgar Allen Poe nightmare creature...yes. Argh, must sleep.


an observer January 25, 2007 2:04 AM  

CV templates you have to fill in by hand...yuck.

Good luck with the work, don't stress too much, and make sure you enjoy yourself there!

Jonathan January 25, 2007 3:52 PM  

By hand? Man, that's freaking insane. No wonder Japanese people don't change jobs!

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