January 11, 2007

First day o' term

Term started today. Have passed the time thus far this week shopping, meeting a few people, overcoming jetlag, watching bad films and generally attempting to get my head back into Japanese mode...it's definitely been good to have a bit of time out before term started again to get myself re-adjusted.

So yes...to my surprise, in terms of classmates, my class this time round is exactly the same as last term's (with the exception of Stephanie-san, who sadly left). Quite why they've done this I don't know (they've always mixed us up each term in the past), but, since I really liked my old class, it's all good news (teachers are completely different this time around though). Also, this term we have the dubious honor of being 'H' class (each class is assigned a roman letter, 'A' being the top): 'H' transliterated into Japanese becomes etchi, which is also a kind of catch-all term for anything lewd, perverse, indecent or sexual. So that's us, we're the etchi class. Uh-huh-huh, uh-huh-huh-huh. Cool.


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