March 14, 2007

End o' term (again)

Happy White Day!

Sorry for the lack of updates...just a quick post to fill you in on my goings-on...

It's the penultimate week of term and I'm feeling kinda tired and generally in need of a holiday. School is kind of sapping my strength and more often than not I'm half asleep and my head feels like it's full of rocks. I often find myself feeling that I no longer really want to be here. I still want to be in Japan, I still want to learn Japanese, just not in this manner (incidentally, I think I'd probably respond a lot better to private tuition from here on out). In short I really need a break and I really need some form of steady income.

Another thing that sucks is that several of my friends are leaving at the end of this term. Not all of them luckily, but still...all these people who I've spent the last year hanging out with and getting to know will suddenly no longer be here. On the plus side though, it does mean that I have a plethora of leaving piss-ups to attend (* ^^)ノΨ

So I have the 2-week break to look forward to again...I certainly need a break, but I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to it since I don't have anything in particular to do, and no money either, and I don't particularly want to spend 2 weeks job hunting (still haven't had any real joy on the job front..haven't had the time or energy to do much looking...still don't really know what I want to do...had vague thoughts of wanting to do something in Publishing but that's about it).


Penny4em March 16, 2007 2:00 AM  

I hope the holiday cheers you up. It's not good to hear someone so down-hearted when they're doing something you're about to start doing too!

Finding a job in publishing could be tough (especially as a foreigner in Japan). You generally have to start quite low down the ladder and work your way up. Or you could try unpaid work experience at a firm and hope they like you enough to take you on properly.

If you have a volunteer magazine/newspaper around it might sound good for you to get involved with it.

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