April 1, 2007

Spring break / 春休み

Apologies for the umpteenth time for not writing in so long.

So term is over and I am halfway through my 2-week spring break...have so far spent it catching up on sleep, seeing friends, playing video games, job hunting, and most importantly not studying.

Tomorrow will be a year to the day since I came here. On most blogs this would lead to some kind of wanky, heartfelt retrospective screed on the time spent here so far and what it's meant to me, but...nah. Can't be arsed I'm afraid, I'm gonna go back to playing Grand Theft Auto instead.

Also tomorrow I am going on a day-trip to Kyoto (a friend of mine gave me a one-way bullet-train ticket he became unable to use). Weather forecast is good, the sakura (cherry blossom) is starting to bloom...if it's not too crowded (Kyoto is notoriously popular in sakura season, hence why I am going on a weekday) it should be a peachy day all round. Kind of sucks that I'm going on my own, but meh. Expect photographs!

There is a series of truly bizarre and sometimes quite disturbing anti-smoking posters that can be found on trains and in stations here. I personally think they are absolutely fantastic and am quite tempted to steal them whenever I see them. Luckily the organization that produces them has put them all online for your (or at least my) viewing pleasure. Let me know your favorite!



学期が終わって春休みが半分過ごした。 風邪が引いたり、頭が疲れてきたりしたので、のんびりに時間を過ごすようにしていた。 フ~ン、いいんじゃん!

あしたは日本へ来たから一年間が過ごしたところです。 あっという間にほど早く感じる。。。

そして、明日京都に日帰り旅行しようとおもっている。 ワクワク~♪



Anonymous,  April 02, 2007 10:13 PM  


初めまして、岡崎在住のみきと申します。いつもブログを拝見しております。YAMASAの服部理事長と先日亡くなられた 董万初さんの知り合いです。

ajf April 02, 2007 10:42 PM  

^^^ みきさんへ

コメントで、ありがとうございます。 私が知らない日本人はこのブログを読んでくれたことに気付いて驚きました!

もしかしたら連絡したっら、私のEメールはajf93 "at" hotmail.com

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