September 17, 2007

Final week

Alright gang

Just a quick note to let anyone who is actually still interested that I am in fact still alive...just slightly busy with various things.

This is my last week at school, which is something that fills me with a peculiar feeling of both not wanting to leave (since I like the school, the student lifestyle and many of the teachers) but also of feeling glad that it will end (since I am kinda sick of this style of study and I feel like it's not having much of an effect any more, and I really really need a break and my brain is melting argh argh my brain is melting).

Another reason why I am anxious about leaving is that I currently have no definite place to live after I leave (I am currently living in student-owned accommodation and will have to get my ass out the door by Tuesday 25th). I currently have several possibilities, but nothing is confirmed yet, and I think not knowing where I will be in a little over a week is something that my personality type just can't handle.

Also I still have no job. I interviewed at a company the week before last, but I still haven't heard a peep from them, so I'm not feeling particularly hopeful about it. So my current (vague) plan is to find somewhere to live, convert to a tourist visa (which lasts for 3 months) and kind of bum about looking for a full-time job and doing occasional private lessons at my school. Maybe travel a bit as well. Then if nothing comes up I guess it's back to blighty. I really have no idea right now. Guh.


an observer September 19, 2007 4:39 PM  

Best of luck to you, sir. And congratulations on finishing at Yamasa. I can't believe you've been there for almost a year and a half!

Jonathan September 20, 2007 1:55 PM  

Been a long road, man. I hope that things work out for you. Our paths haven't crossed recently as much as they used to, so we should get together while we've got the chance.

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