February 19, 2008

Hello! Er...people tell me I should write this thing more often...and I'm bored...so here you go, even though nothing hugely noteworthy has really happened recently...

Had a little housewarming a few weekends ago, lots of fun...we drank, talked, played UNO, were subjected to my selection of strange musics, and watched Kure Kure Takora (a 70s TV show I believe I may have mentioned here some time ago) . OK, it was a lot more fun than it probably sounds.

Went out with work twice last week...first was a gathering of most of the company gaijin in the Nagoya area, being for the benefit of two foreigners joining the company from the (nearby) University of Toyota...or something along those lines, I was a little fuzzy on the details to be honest, but either way it was nice to meet the company's foreign contingent, put faces to names, etc. Second was a gathering of one of the departments I work as a part of, being for the benefit of the lovely Hamaguchi-san, who has left us for Osaka. Hamaguchi-san has been my de-facto babysitter since I started last November, looking after Mr. First-time-working-in-Japan and all of his dopey problems, a mantle she always bore with the utmost kindness and good nature; so I in particular will miss her.

Work is otherwise going well...been a little slow recently...mostly non-urgent proofreading stuff...translation jobs come up occasionally, which, frankly, are a lot more interesting, hehe. One came up today in fact, which lead to me to check the plural form of "antenna" (it involve the antenna of a car radio)...did you know that "antennae" is usually only used in biology (e.g. insect antennae) but "antennas" is usually preferred in technological terminology (e.g. radio antennas)? You didn't? You mean you have a life? Well screw you then.

The weather has been a bit more stable since my last post...bit of snow, but it hasn't settled...ain't half cold though...

Hmm, what else can I say?...not much really...so here's another completely arbitrary cat picture! (since they seem to be gaining in popularity on this blog)


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