March 27, 2008

Blog resurrection GO! (kinda) are the birth...of Andy's Jap Blog Mk. II. On the bass...Derek Smalls (wait, that's over-stretching the reference somewhat)

MORE posts! MORE random inanity! MORE posts no-one will read!! MORE complete and utter drivel hoisted upon an uncaring online populace! MORE I say!!!

Yes, this blog has sorta died on it's ass since I started my new job & new life in Nagoya...largely because I deem my everyday life unworthy on documentation. Nevertheless! I shall endeavour to update this sucker at least once a week.

Part of the reason Japanese sucks...partially due to my complacency and laziness...but largely coz I'm dumb...anyway long rant short I want to start writing blog entries in Japanese again, for the practice, to force myself to think in Japanese and stop relying on the stuff I already, we'll see what transpires there. Lots and lots of horrible, broken Japanese is my guess.

Another part of the reason is that sometimes I feel I need to force myself to appreciate the uniqueness of my situation, and that it is a situation many (no doubt more deserving) others would be very happy to be I wanna take a closer look at the minutiae of my daily life...and bore you all with it! Yay!

...and I'm noticing the amount of times I've forced myself to use the phrase "force myself to do XYZ" in this post...that can't be good, can it?

Oh well...let's do!


Jonathan March 28, 2008 12:07 PM  

You can do! Never give up! Do best!

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