August 9, 2006

あ...つ...い~ >_<;;;

Okazaki was almost hit by a typhoon yesterday/ today. Apparently there are 3 of them stalking around Japan right now, and the imaginitively-named Typhoon No. 7 (don't ask me what happened to 1 thru 6) swung juuuust past us. Shame really, would've been a bit of excitement. Oh well, at least it gave me a good opportunity to learn the kanji for "typhoon" (台風).

So, instead of wind and rain (which might well have made me homesick, I suppose, being British and all) today we have had intense heat and humidity. Looks like it's gonna be this way (and possibly worse) for at least another month, so spare a thought for poor little me while you sit basking in the coolness of your temperate zones.

Another test tomorrow. Finding it very difficult to remember things sometimes. Especially adverbs, for some reason. Two such that I often get confused are "taitei", which means "usually/in general" (in frequency terms); and "daitai" which means "generally/the outline". Hopefully you can see where I'm having problems. Also, many seem to have several meanings, just to make things more confusing. For instance "zutto" can mean "a lot more than", "for a long time", "direct", and God only knows what else.

Still, bank holidays next Monday and Tuesday, as it's obonyasumi. This is the Buddhist festival of the dead (cheery!) in which one is supposed to return to one's ancestral home, visit the graves of one's relatives, light bonfires to guide the spirits home, and dance a nice bonodori. As for me, I think I'm off to Nagoya instead with some classmates.  And no doubt sleeping a lot.

Also, the lovely Hada-sensei informs me that she can't access this site right now...anyone else having problems?

昨日、岡崎に台風が危うく振っていました。 台風7号でした。 台風1-6について、どこへ行った?? 分からない。

キャ~、最近、いつも暑いだぞ!! イギリス人では、暑すぎると思います。 イギリスに、夏は大体1ヶ月ぐらいかなり暑いです。 それに、日光になかなかやけどをしています。 だから、日中、出かければ、少し痛くなります。 大変だね。

明日はそらにもう一つの(yet another)テストがあります。 最近、勉強することが覚えられないと思います。 言葉や形やルールなどすごく多いだから、難しくて大変だよ。 それに、副詞もよく間違っています。 例えば、私では「たいてい」と「だいたい」が特に難しい。 意味と読む方はちょっと同じですから。

じゃ、来週はお盆休みです。 よかった...休みが入用だな...


an observer August 09, 2006 11:23 PM  

I'm also having the same problem with adverbs. There are just too many of them, some of them sound really similar to each other, and they don't have Kanji associated with them to help me remember them (a benefit of having studied Chinese). I haven't checked all of them on the last point for I know some like たぶん have Kanji(多分).

The only thing I can think of is to make lots of sentences using them...

ajf August 10, 2006 8:32 PM  

That's what I've been trying to do as well...also helpful is to look them up on
and a go through some of the example sentences they provide (the "[Ex]" link next to the word)

Jonathan August 12, 2006 1:08 AM  

WWWJDIC is the altar at which I worship.

I'm not having any trouble accessing your blog, by the way.

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