August 6, 2006

岡崎花火大会 / Okazaki Fireworks Festival

Yesterday was an obscenely hot Saturday and also Okazaki's fireworks festival. As one of the few things Okazaki is known for is it's fireworks industry, this festival is a big deal and is attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

So it was very crowded, and very hot, but I enjoyed it. The fireworks were pretty amazing. I went with a large group of fellow students and we grabbed a place by the river, but myself and a couple others moved after some people who had resevered the space beforehand turned up. So, I wound up watching most of the action from the bridge (where you weren't techincally allowed to stand and watch, but many people did, despite the repeated entreaties from the police to keep moving).

I managed to shoot some dodgy video from our temporary position on the bridge, and I've uploaded it to YouTube, watch it here. My camera sucks and there are people in the way, but it gives you some idea I suppose. Also, in the background you can hear the PA system (which periodically played music, adverts and announcements) playing none other than everyone's favorite 1980s German disco muppets, Dschinghis Khan!!! (who were also responsible for cult camp euro-disco classic, Moskau). Rock and Roll!!

昨日、岡崎花火大会へ行きました。 楽しかったですけど、 天気も暑いし、 人もすごく多いし、 ちょっと苦しかった。 でも、 ゆかた着ってきれいな女の人も多いから、 よかったです。

花火はとても印象的だったと思います。 岡崎の花火は有名ので、 やっぱりすごいでした。 たくさん見た人はよく「すご~い!」と言っていました。

大部花火がはしからみました。 短いビデオを撮りました。 私のビデオはYOUTUBEで見えます、 こちら。 ですけど、 ちょっと悪い。。。


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Ooooh! Aaaaaaah!


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