October 24, 2006

Kure Kure Takora

To answer any questions: to the below post pertains to cult 70's children's TV show, "Kure Kure Takora" ("Gimme Gimme Octopus"), which I've been watching again recently. It ran for about 250 3-min long episodes (of which I've probably watched about 30, hehe). The show chronicles the misadventures of a bright red kleptomaniac octupus and his friends, including his best friend Chonbo (a kind of anthropomorphic peanut/squash thing) and his love interest Monro (a pink walrus). Yes.

Here are some highlights (I didn't compile them) that will give you a feel for the show's somewhat questionable content:

  • Kure Kure is disgraced and is forced to commit harakari with Debora as his "backup".
  • Kure Kure and Chonbo work out a scam where they beat the shit out of the other
    characters and then charge them exorbitant doctor's fees.
  • Kure Kure uses his Ninjitsu to impersonate other characters in a bid to spring
    Chonbo out of jail.
  • Kure Kure and Chonbo take over To Ro Ro's spiritual medium/fortune teller business
    (ie. they beat the shit out of him and take his business) with disastrous results.
  • Biragon snaps! After Kure Kure and Chonbo attempt to steal his marbles, he captures
    Chonbo and threatens to dice him up with his katana.
  • Kure Kure and Chonbo spy on one of the Sea Cucumber Gang dancing around in a grass
    skirt. What next transpires is one of the greatest battle royales in the show's
    history where nearly every character wants in on the grass skirt!
  • Kure Kure and Chonbo find a fire extinguisher and go around spraying everyone's
    food with it causing some of the villagers to get upset with them.
  • Debora decides to run a remedial math class for the village but he finds keeping
    discipline in the classroom to be a problem.
  • Kure Kure sniffs too much incense at Debora's church and he begins to hallucinate
    about what married life with Monro might be like.
  • Kure Kure proves once and for all that cowboys are tougher than samurais.
  • Kure Kure begins cross-dressing in an attempt to impress the other villagers, but
    he's punished for gender transgression.
  • To Ro Ro uses a magic lantern to produce a robot servant. Behind Kure Kure's back,
    Chonbo steals the lantern and gets the robot to do his laundry for him.
You can watch it on Youtube if you are that way inclined.


Jonathan October 24, 2006 10:22 PM  

You know ... maybe this explains a lot about modern Japan folk.

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